News · Girls & Boys All-Glue Team for Southeast

Congratulations to both Southeast student Athletes! Read the entire store at


Brady Corley

Coach Mike Matisi: “Brady holds the team together because everyone genuinely wants to see him do well. He doesn’t need recognition or spotlight to be happy, but he deserves both. His relentless work ethic and positive attitude toward education and athletics set a high standard. He has no problem doing the dirty work as long as it benefits others.”


Senior, 5-foot-7 guard

Coach Craig Nettleton: “Halle is the ultimate competitor and her drive to compete is visible in all areas of her game. She leads by example and leaves everything on the floor each night. She gladly takes on the challenge of guarding the other team’s best player. She leads the team in floor burns and finds just as much satisfaction in an assist as she does a basket of her own. Halle is a team player and Pirate through and through.”